Bus Routes for 2017-18

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Check Out the New Wellness website

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SAU 67 strongly believes that children need to be educated in a healthy school environment. This environment includes access to nutritious foods and daily opportunities to be physically active. Well-planned and effectively implemented school nutrition and fitness programs have been shown to enhance students’ overall health, as well as their attendance, behavior and academic success. Staff wellness is also an integral part of a healthy school environment. Adults interacting and working with students can be daily role models for healthy behaviors. Creating this healthy school environment helps to encourage the development of lifelong wellness practices. Our wellness policy is designed to effectively utilize school and community resources and to equitably serve the needs and interests of all students and staff of SAU 67.

Please check out the Wellness Policy and more at the new Wellness Website.

Fall 2016 Praxis

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The tradition of the fall edition of PRAXIS is to take you inside our schools to get a glimpse of what learning looks like. You'll see a lot of things that look familiar to your from your days in school. You will also see that some things have changed.

Strategic Plan Overview 2016-2020

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ImPACT Baseline Letter

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The Bow School District is currently implementing a concussion management program and has acquired a software tool called ImPACT (Immediate Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing). ImPACT is a computerized exam utilized in many sports programs to manage concussions by comparing pre and post injury testing. ImPACT can be used to help diagnose concussions and inform treatment plans for head injuries.

More information in the letter below:


Spring 2016 PRAXIS Magazine

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Here is the link to the latest Praxis which focuses on a Celebration of Learning.  Please take time to look through it and see the tangible results of our work.

Spring 2016 PRAXIS Magazine

Praxis: Winter 2016 Edition

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"This issue of Praxis is about performance. We are familiar with reporting our student learning using the performance on standardized tests and standardized rating scales and this issue contains data on some of those. We are getting better at reliably measuring and reporting other types of performance that may help us understand learning in more complex and nuanced ways.
In this edition we explore the multiple facets of the word performance.

Enjoy this presentation of performance as a demonstration of our focus on learning."

Praxis - SAU 67 e-zine

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Learn more about the SAU's three guiding statements:

              • Care for each person every day
              • Learning is our focus
              • Teach to touch the future

This edition takes our community inside our classrooms to see the work of learning in action.

New Data on SAU 67

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Bow High recognized as one of 2015's top NH schools

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Bow High, Parker Varney, Ashland Elementary recognized as 2015's top NH schools

By: Laura Montenegro

BOW - Bow High School was one of three public schools honored today from the Excellence in Education Initiative for 2015.

This year marks the 21st anniversary of the "EDies" Awards, given out to schools that excel both in and outside the classroom.

The other two schools are Parker Varney School in Manchester and Ashland Elementary School in Ashland.

A big sponsor of the EDies Awards is McDonald's.

Larry Johnston from the Napoli Group franchise owner of McDonald's said they are proud to be partnered with such an important organization.

"It really gives you faith in the educational system in New Hampshire," Johnston said. "It's great to see schools that are performing so well, be recognized," Johnston said.

A gala is scheduled for June 6 to honor and celebrate the winners this year.

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