ICT (Information and Communications Technologies)

This website serves as a clearing house for information pertaining to the Bow School District and how it intends to meet the
New Hampshire ICT Literacy Standards for K-12 Students

Where is my Digital Portfolio?

Bow students will use their home directories as their portfolios. Every student already has a personal folder assigned to them when they log into the network, and that folder already has numerous artifacts which can be used in the ICT Digital Portfolio. However, some students will need to do some house cleaning to get their folders organized. Students who have taken a Bow Memorial School Computer Literacy Class since 2005, should already have a start on this organization as follows:

What do I put in my Digital Portfolio?

The New Hampshire ICT Literacy Standards for K-12 Students requires all students K-12 to create digital portfolios which:

a. Address the following components (*updated Summer of 2008):

1.  Creativity and Innovation;
2.  Communication and Collaboration;
3.  Research and Information Fluency;
4.  Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making;
5.  Digital Citizenship; and
6.  Technology Operations and Concepts;

b. Represent proficient, ethical, responsible use of 21st century tools within the context of the core subjects; and

c. Include, at a minimum, such digital artifacts as:

1. Standardized tests;
2. Observation;
3. Student work; and
4. Comments describing a student’s reflection on his/her work.

Here are some examples of artifacts that might address the 6 components

Recommended Web Page presentation of Portfolios (added October 7, 2008)