ICT (Information and Communications Technologies)

This website serves as a clearing house for information pertaining to the Bow School District and how it intends to met the New Hampshire ICT Literacy Standards for K-12 Students

1) There should be a folder called "documents" in your home directory



2) Inside of "documents", you should have a folder for each grade you've been a student in Bow. Our example student "Joe" is currently an eigth grader, so he has folders for grades 1-8



3) In each of these folders, there should be sub-folders for each of your subjects as follows:

Math, Science, Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies, Computer Lit, and Other Specials


4) Here's what is new: In addition to your subject sub-folders, you should add a new folder called "Portfolio" in your grade folder. Whenever you complete a project which produces a "Portfolio Worthy" artifact, you should put a copy of the artifact in this "Portfolio" folder.

You should regularly review this folder to verify that you are collecting artifacts for each of the 6 components. At least once a year, your Language Arts teacher will have you write a reflection on the artifacts collected during the school year.


8th and 12th Grade Portfolios: In addition to the grade level portfolios you assemble each year, 8th graders and 12th graders will need to assemble a special portfolio used to assess their ICT accomplishments. In both cases, this folder should be created at the root level of your home directory. The 8th grade folder should be called "BMS_ICT_Portfolio" and the 12th grade folder should be called "BHS_ICT_Portfolio".

The 8th grade folder will be assessed to see if the student demonstrates adequate skills, knowledge, and competencies to take a "higher level" ICT course as a high school student to meet their 1/2 credit ICT requirement.

All high school students (class of 2009 and beyond) are now required to complete a 1/2 credit ICT in order to graduate. The BHS Guidance program has compiled a list of all courses which meet this requirement, however BHS students can also choose to have their 12th grade folder assessed to meet this 1/2 credit requirement.



8th and 12th Grade Portfolios (continued):
Inside "BMS_ICT_Portfolio" and "BHS_ICT_Portfolio", you should create a seperate subfolder for each of the components as follows:

Communication Digital_Citizenship Problem_Solving
Creativity Operations_Concepts Research   

If a student has an artifact that demonstrates a particular component, they should put a copy of the artificat in that subfolder. If an artifact demonstrates several different components, the student can duplicate the artifact and put copies in each of the applicable sub-folders.

portfolio pic